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Lauren's Original Lyrics

In The Back Of My Mind

Yesterday I found myself

Dreaming of you

Counting cotton candy clouds

 Inside a sea of blue


We’d stare into the sky

Wishing that we could fly


Oh we were young back then

 The world was fresh and new

You’d make me feel alive

With the little things you’d do


But how were we to know

 That we would soon outgrow those days?


(There’s a place I go

Buried in my dreams

In the echoes of my mind)


Oh, when the storms would blow

I’d be all alone

And then you’d find me

You’d take my hand

And we’d go running through the rain

There were so many times I tried to freeze that frame


But we grew up too fast

I guess our time has flown away


(There’s a place I go

Buried in my dreams

Deep inside my mind)


(I will remember )
In the back of my mind

(You’ll always be there )
In the back of my mind


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