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Lauren's Original Lyrics

lonely angel/i'll be your angel

Intro- Lonely Angel 


I'm just a lonely angel  

Sittin here on a shelf 
At times it seemed  
If I just dreamed  
I'd not be my myself  


I never gave up hopin 
That you would come along  
How bleak it seemed 
Till you found me 
So now I sing this song  


I’ll Be Your Angel 


I'll be your angel  
sent from heaven above  
Your little angel  
cast down for you to love 
I'll be your angel  
Ya fit me just like a glove 

So wontcha say a prayer to me baby 


Cause I've been waiting  
And I've been so alone  
Ain't had nobody  
I could call my own  
So be my angel and say a little prayer to me 


And when I fall it's into your arms  
I never could resist all your charms  
you devil!  


It's far too late my soul cant be saved  
Cause When I hear hear ya callin my name 
you angel  


My heart goes she boop de boop boop she boop bee do wow!  


Brush off my halo and try out my wings  
Im just your puppet  
When ya tug on my strings  
I'll be your angel  
And fly straight into to your heart  

 I'll be your angel  
And fly straight into to your heart  

Sha boop de boo boop she boop bee Doo Bow! 




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