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What clients and fellow artists/collaborators are saying about working with Lauren in Music



“The brilliance and talent of Lauren can’t be understated. Her devotion to a project and her overwhelming ability to hit the nail on the head with every performance makes her a dynamite person to work with. Lauren brings not only vocal excellence, but constructive, exciting additions to the project itself. She is a character, a collaborator, a performer, a singer (she wrote and sung “Lonely Angel/I’ll Be Your Angel” for her character Alice Angel),  a writer, and a new-found friend. Working with Lauren is like bringing on one of the family.”

–TheMeatly, Founder, Joey Drew Studios/TheMeatly Games


“I have worked with Lauren Synger after having worked for 20 odd years in the Music and Film Industry, ranging from Tina Turner to Hollywood. Once in a while you meet a very special person who comes along with unsurpassed talent, with the amazing ability to sing so very beautifully and compose such moving beautiful music in a style that cannot be easily pigeonholed, but this is only the start. Working with Lauren is such a pleasure, she is highly gifted, motivated and has a true entrepreneurial spirit, hence founding her own company and much more…. To me Lauren Synger is a talent to be reckoned with, she is, put simply, the best in the Music/Film industry I have had the privilege to work with.”

--  William Camilleri, New Romantic Neo-classical Composer/Producer

William Camilleri Official Website

CEO of Filmworks Studios 
Management Hollywood, Lonnie Ramati 



""When ever I commission Lauren to work for us (in voiceover and music), I know I am going to get a professional actor and singer. She’s got great range and a fantastic ability to bring life to the pieces she is working on. She is our go to singer when we need a performer as she provides top-notch material. Her passion and hard work for the product placed in her hands, makes her irreplaceable. You will need to look far and wide to find someone as versatile and passionate as Lauren Synger." 


--  Glenn Goa

Audio Lead at S2Games on Heroes of Newerth



“In an industry muddled with unoriginal, empty, or incompetent creative contributions, a refreshing wind of vibrancy exists in the form of musician Lauren Synger. I have had the pleasure of working and consulting with Lauren over the last few years regarding various musical endeavors, and her skill and professionalism are unparalleled. Combining her eclectic palette of musical abilities with her vast knowledge and experience in the business and technical side of the industry, Lauren has proven time and time again that she is a highly sought expert in this very competitive field. It is with the greatest level of respect that I recommend Lauren for any and all of your musical needs.”


--  Bill Freas

President of Crazy Owl Films & Crazy Owl Entertainment



“Very talented! Professional, intelligent, easy to communicate and work with! Highly recommended!”


--  Hans Storsberg


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