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“I don’t think I can easily describe my style. I like music that has a universal appeal. Unlike anything you have ever heard before, yet hauntingly familiar. I find the best way to achieve this is by adding instrumentation and flair from other cultures. I love sounds from all over the world and I love combining them with something more familiar. Each song I write has its own personality and ethnic flavor combined with contemporary music such as pop, blues, jazz, classical, or modern and eclectic rock. I look at each song as its own character or color, and as the lyricist and vocalist its up to me to bring the personality to life by finding the right "voice".


I am drawn to many different musical styles. I find it’s individual songs that resonate with me, rather than the style itself. My goal is to express and share with others the emotions I feel through the power of music. I find music to be the most beautiful, powerful form of communication. Even if you can't understand the lyrics you can always understand the tone and emotion behind the music.


All of my songs come from a personal place. They could be an outcry against injustices in the world that effect me or my influences and artistic inspirations. Or they could be introspective thoughts on me or the people throughout my life. They become what the listnener needs them to be. They are reflections on life.


I write like one of my biggest musical influences Tori Amos. I find her songs to be personal, and although often metaphoric there are so many times I identify with them. Her music saved me at one of the most difficult moments in my life and I celebrate her sound through my own. It helped me find my own voice and gave me the courage and strength to persevere. Through Tori Amos’s music I learned to express myself and discovered my own sensuality and femininity.


Through my music, I want to give to others what my inspirations gave to me. I want my music to help the listeners out there find their own voice to express their feelings,  and draw strength from the music because they have an escape from and an outlet for their pain and a reminder they aren't alone. When I accomplish this, then I will know that as an artist I have done my job.”






Tori Amos, Yoko Kanno, Danny Elfman, Cole Porter, Hans Zimmer, Mai Yamane, Ilaria Graziano,  Origa, Maaya Sakamoto, Florence + The Machine,  Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, Stereophonics, Muse, Bastille, Coldplay, Chris Cornell, NiN, Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling, Halestorm, The Cure,  Within Temptation, Plumb, Billy Joel, Foo Fighters, Peter Gabriel, Rob Thomas, The Doves, Adele, Depeche Mode, KT Tunstall, Poe, Yoav, Our Lady Peace, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Pat Benatar, Sting (The Police), Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Annie Lennox, Queen, David Bowie, 80’s music in general.

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