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Although she did not know it at the time, Lauren Synger's love of voice acting, and music would ignite into a passion she would pursue throughout her life.

Lauren began her career as a classically trained vocalist and actress in the early years of her childhood. As a lover of animation, music, and voice acting Lauren wanted to find a way to combine her two passions, animation and singing into a career.  At the age of 12 Lauren began voice training, which launched Lauren’s pursuit into the world of classical music and vocal performance.
Over the years Lauren participated in school musicals and talent shows, performed in award-winning select Show, Chamber, and Women’s Choirs performing at the White House, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall.
Her private voice coach, Joan Kaplon instilled in her a profound love for musical theater, classical music, and opera. Thanks to Joan and the support of her family and friends, Lauren auditioned and was accepted as a voice student at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.  Under the guidance of mentor and voice coach, Dr. David Parks, she graduated from Ithaca with a Bachelor’s of Music in Voice and an Outside Field in Modern Languages.
Lauren Synger grew up on the music of Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, The Police, Madonna, Heart, Pat Benatar and many other artists of the time. She was also influenced by the music of her parents including the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Joanie Mitchell, and Chicago.  Her sister Dory introduced her to Brit pop with the likes of the Cure and Depeche Mode. But after the crash of the music industry in the late 80s /early 90s, Lauren found the music on the radio to be uninspiring. It was during this time she discovered Tori Amos. Tori’s music became the foundation to which Lauren would develop her own sound. Lauren also discovered new artists from soundtrack music and scores to Film, Television, Animation, and Video Games. They became a constant source of  musical discovery, artistic expression, and inspiration.
Lauren wrote, produced, and performed the song "Lonely Angel/ I'll Be Your Angel" as her character Alice Angel in Bendy and the Ink Machine by theMeatly Games/Joey Drew Studios. She has lent her vocals and song-writing skills to client projects such as Soloist for “A Death Does Not Become An End” and “Calamity’s Theme” in Heroes of Newerth by S2 Games/Frostburn Studios, and a variety of audie award-winning audiobooks. She has collaborated, performed with, and recorded for established and aspiring musicians world-wide. At 17 She sung the National Anthem at the National Press Club for the launch of the Internet. She has also performed live for pop culture conventions, and put on a live concert at Muller Chapel in Ithaca, NY, accompanied by piano and a 10 string section, which she co-arranged. Throughout her collaborations and with her original music, Lauren assumes the multiple roles of writer, performer, producer, composer, director, and arranger.
Lauren’s most recent endeavor is her catalog of original music (in production), which will be made available for licensing for use in other forms of entertainment such as Film, TV, and Video Games. 
It is the music Lauren has grown up and the music artists that inspire her, which influences her original work, and has played a significant role in evolving her sound. Lauren found the most beautiful, powerful form of communication in music.  The artists she discovered over the years in her personal and professional journey have been instrumental in giving her the courage to explore and discover her own musical voice and influence the music she writes today. 


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