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 Lauren Synger’s Music Showcase Highlights featuring the best of her demos and live performances, demonstrating her vocal range and versatility, including:


  • 1930s inspired original song performed in character with live jazz ensemble

  • Expressive and touching original ballad

  • Powerful, haunting soundtrack music, used in video games

  • Eclectic multi-lingual mix (English, Japanese, Italian) of heart wrenching and uplifting soundtrack music (performed live with piano and a 10 strings section Lauren co-arranged), pop, opera, and a quirky musical theater character piece

  • Energetic and Ambient Rock/Pop


Lauren's other music samples include:


  • An entertaining and diverse mix of Pop/Rock Eighties-Inspired Demos

  • ​ Live Performance Showcasing French, German, and a classic jazz style showtune


Whether you are looking to hire Lauren for your next project or to collaborate with her, Lauren has something for everyone!

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