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To Lauren Synger, multi award-winning voice actress and singer/songwriter, Singing is more than hitting the right notes and reciting words to a rhythm. It is the most beautiful and powerful form of communication, and of art, artistry and acting. It is the use of sound, voice, and pitch to portray an emotion, capture a moment in time, and to enhance other forms of entertainment.


 For the past 20 years, Lauren Synger’s extensive knowledge and love of diverse music combined with her versatility and professionalism enable her to provide the right “voice” regardless of musical style. Lauren can sing anything from classical and opera to musical theater, pop, rock, blues, jazz, and everything in between. 


To hear Lauren, play the samples below from her Lauren Synger Showcase Highlights. 

Lauren Synger's acting skills and years of experience in the world of Voice Over are interchangeable with her musical capabilities, delighting her clients and fellow artists/collaborators with endless versatility in music, emotionally charged performances, a broad range of ages and accents, and plethora of characters.


Her most recent original song "Lonely Angel/I'll Be Your Angel" ,which she wrote and performed as her character Alice Angel, can be heard throughout Bendy and the Ink Machine from theMeatly Games/Joey Drew Studios. This 1930s jazz inspired song features Alice Angel singing with a full jazz ensemble.

Alice curtains black corrected v2.jpg

Drawing by Cheratoi

Visit Lauren's Voice Over Website to hear her voice over demos and learn more.


Lauren is affilaited with performing rights organization SESAC. She writes original music and lyrics in a variety of styles. Her most recent endeavor is the creation of her original music catalog (currently in production). This music will be available for licensing upon completion.


Lauren Synger has collaborated, performed with, and recorded for established and aspiring musicians world-wide. She helps clients locally, nationally, and internationally by providing anything from music/script/lyric development and editing, to turn-key voice and music audio solutions, including the final produced audio.


In 2008, Synger Productions expanded into a full-service audio production studio, delighting customers world-wide with quality work and a great experience.


To hear more check out Lauren's Music section for even more samples of the wide variety of styles and music she offers. Visit her other pages to read her Lyrics, find out What’s Next, learn more about Lauren Synger,  the services she offers, and her work. 

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