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Lauren's Original Lyrics

IF You

Ohh baby c’mon drop your guard
 There’s no need to fight
Your eyes are sayin you need me
Let me make it right


If I see you drownin’ in the sea
I’ll be your lifeline darling
C’mon reach for me
And if I see you fallin’ from the sky
You know that I’ll be there
 To catch you ev’ry time


Baby I see you
Your lookin’ so lonely
Baby reach for me
I’m just a breath away!


Oh oooh, oh oh oh  oh oh oh ooh
Say the words Boy
I’ll be there
Oh Ohhh, oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh
Darlin you know
 That I care


Only if you would then baby yes I could
Only if you could then you know that I would


You- Can- Count—On- Me

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